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The Wireless XM-1000 Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) system combines motion with attention getting multiple light patterns to successfully perform pediatric assessments. Each smoked Plexiglas box features a friendly cartoon character that lights up and quietly moves back and forth to attract attention. Additionally, 20 brightly colored LED lights flash in a wave or in a marquee pattern to create an ever-changing attractive display for reinforcing responses.

The light-weight Plexiglas boxes are triangular shaped to fit compactly over the sound field speakers in the sound booth and can be mounted using double back tape or Velcro. This user installable system features a RF remote control to activate the system from inside or outside the test booth over 50 feet.

Wireless XM-1000 offers a full featured hand-held remote control that gives the operator COMPLETE CONTROL over 7 functions including:
Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
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KEY FEATURES INCLUDE Programmable Wireless Remote Complete Control Over Lights, Motor, Patterns, LED Display Over 50 Foot range Multiple Stimulus Light Patterns
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