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Eckel Audiometric Sound Rooms

    • State-of-the-art Noise Reduction Data

    • Typical Reverberation Times

    • Flush Mounted Doors

    • Cam-Lift Hinges

    • Gravity Threshold Compression Seals

    • Magnetic Double Noise-Lock® Perimeter Seals

    • Proven Performance

Single wall (individual room) construction. A single or multiple occupancy room, constructed of 4 in (102mm) thick modular panels, with its own floor, floating on vibration isolators.

Double wall (room within a room) construction. Two housings constructed of 4 in. (102 mm) thick modular panels, separated by a 4 in (102 mm) air space. Inner room floor floats on vibration isolators: out wall rest on on area floor or vibration-isolated floor.
Sound Rooms
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