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Pehratek Products was created in 1979 as a design lab for specialty products in the areas of audiology and health care. The first product created was the REINFORCER VRA (Visual Reinforcement Apparatus) introduced in late 1980. Combining elements of design innovation and superb product performance, its popularity grew as an easy-to-use, reliable pediatric testing system used by audiologists and pediatric clinics for testing children’s hearing world-wide.

Today, Pehratek Products offers a line of innovative of medical/audiology products that offer sound solutions to communications and hearing assessment issues. The introduction of the new XM-1000 Wireless VRA with COMPLETE CONTROL Hand-Held Remote is a breakthrough in pediatric testing technology offering the clinician a multitude of stimulus options to attract and retain the child’s attention throughout the test.  You are encouraged to contact Pehratek Products regarding your experiences with the products and offer any suggestions or ideas you may have to add to the product line or improvements on an existing product.
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