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National Association of Special Equipment Dealers

Rick Paul Rome 1/1/1960 - 7/20/2012
Born in New Orleans; businessman, entrepreneur; well traveled;
boater; fisherman; handyman; friend.
DAC-2 Medical Services Inc. will continue with business as usual as we endeavor to fill the void left by the passing of our friend and leader.
Following the loss of our friend and leader, Rick P. Rome, we would like to announce new ownership of DAC-2 Medical Services Inc.:
  Kathy Brock
  Scott T. Perry

DAC-2 Medical Services specializes in servicing Independent School Districts for annual calibrations and audiometer sales, as well as Private Schools, Government Schools and State Schools of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

We provide references and DAC-2 Medical Services does not charge for travel!
Providing diagnostic instrumentation sales, service, repairs and calibrations