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DAC Medical represents Frye Electronics in Texas and Arkansas.  Frye Electronics is located in Tigard, Oregon, just outside of Portland, and specializes in the manufacture of equipment for hearing health care professionals. Since their incorporation in 1973, they have built the FONIX line of hearing aid analyzers. Frye also manufactures a two-channel digital audiometer, the FONIX FA-10 and FA-12 Hearing Evaluator. Their instruments have had a major impact on the hearing aid industry in the United States and have come to play a considerable role in the hearing aid industry around the world.

After a very long run or more than 21 years, Frye has replaced the FONIX 6500-CX with the 7000. Among other advantages, the 7000 Hearing Aid Test System provides more flexibility and better resolution than the 6500-CX. All 7000s have a computer connection and the internal printer is wider. Development is on-going. Free upgrades are given for five years.

At the end of this year, Frye Electronics cannot promise to continue to do repairs on the 6500.  No hardware updates will be done after 2010.  If a user wants a hardware upgrade, it should be ordered now.  In addition, please note that the FP40 has been discontinued   Frye Electronics will continue to repair and upgrade the FP40 for 5 years.
Frye Electronics, Inc. (TX & AR)
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Frye Electronics, Inc.
P.O. Box 23391
Tigard, OR 97281

Phone (800) 547-8209
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